Our Tripod Levelling Feet were designed with a more robust usage in mind, reducing the concern of the feet falling between grates, loose ground, and becoming wedged. The feet are ideal for quick transportation and lifting, with an ergonomic design front of mind.

There are three feet that can be retrofitted to the existing tripod legs. Made from heavy-duty TPE rubber, they are suitable for harsh mining environments.

Attaches to existing tripod legs
Easy screw-on fixing
Designed to be suitable for all grating sizes and types.
The angled design of the feet allows for the tripod to be stable and sturdy when sitting on top of the grating.
The rubber design is perfect for gripping metal surfaces.
  • Inovaus | Mining | Tripod Levelling Feet-04
  • Inovaus | Mining | Tripod Levelling Feet-01
  • Inovaus | Mining | Tripod Levelling Feet-02
  • Inovaus | Mining | Tripod Levelling Feet-03

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