We’re Australia’s Leading Product Solutions Company

From off-the-shelf product solutions, right through to custom-created innovations, we have the perfect mix of skills and resources to deliver what you need.

Inovaus was created to streamline the product purchasing process for the mining industry. With a dedicated understand to the intricate needs of the industry we are able to support our clients in achieving their desired outcomes, through our solutions.

Expanding further into the equine industry, we were able to draw the parallel that if it had been designed and built once, it will likely be needed again.  

The knowledge learned and applied from previous projects has opened the door for our specialised product lines to be developed. We are a dedicated Western Australian company that provides an end-to-end solution, completely designed, engineered, and manufactured locally.

Powered by CADDS Group, we have access to a wealth of shared understanding that creates substantial added value. Our quality control and assurance that delivery will be done in Western Australia under one roof, is a key pillar in our business focus. We support our local industry, with local knowledge.