The Inovaus Bulk Bag divider offers a complete solution to sample collection. Specifically designed for application in the mining industry, the divider solution is ideal for on-site operations. The aluminium frame helps hold the bulk bag in place while small sample bags are placed and organised using the foldable divider.

Designed with quick release pins, the frame is easily assembled and dismantled, while the divider can be folded flat for easy storage and transport.

A heavy-duty carry bag is supplied to fit both the frame and divider for simple organisation.

  • Inovaus | Mining | Bulk Bag Divider-01
  • Inovaus | Mining | Bulk Bag Divider-02
  • Inovaus | Mining | Bulk Bag Divider-03
  • Inovaus | Mining | Bulk Bag Divider-04
  • Inovaus | Mining | Bulk Bag Divider-05

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