Our 3D laser scanner jig has been designed to easily facilitate laser scanning inside a mining chute for the purpose of wear analysis.  The scanner jig is clamped to the chute opening frame and then a 3D laser scanner is mounted to the other end, secured with a retaining wire cable. Once the scanner is set up, the operator uses the handle to push the 3D laser scanner into the chute to begin scanning. When completed, the 3D scanner is pulled back so that the operator can safely unmount the laser scanner.

By using the scanner jig an operator avoids the need to be inside the chute during scanning making, ultimately providing a safer method for work.

Clamping Mechanism: The clamping mechanism is simple to use and provides two adjustable positions as shown below.

Top Slider Clamp: Once the scanner is positioned inside the mining chute, the operator tightens the top slider clamp knob. This secures the jig shaft in place and reduces vibration during the scanning process.
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  • Inovaus | Mining | 3D Scanner Jig-01
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