It is currently a challenge to access the underside of bolts and nuts on elevated platforms, especially on GTU areas. Erecting new structures or maintenance work requires the area to be isolated and production to stop due to the need for scaffolding or elevated working platforms (EWP). The reaching tool reduces the need for EWP and production pauses as most bolts and nuts can now be easily accessed from the upper side of the GTU areas. This will greatly reduce installation or maintenance work time thus maintaining high production efficiency.

The Handle Shaft is available in two different lengths and can be swapped depending on the reach required between the bolt and grating hole.
  • Inovaus | Mining | Reaching Tool-01
  • Inovaus | Mining | Reaching Tool-04
  • Inovaus | Mining | Reaching Tool-02
  • Inovaus | Mining | Reaching Tool-03

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