The design has a reduced amount of parts and welding requirements resulting in a reduced fabrication and reducing assembly setup time.  This can be purchased as part of the Sentry Guard System accessories line or can be retrofitted to existing guarding without requiring major hot works to be carried out on-site.

Mesh to Extrusion Connection: Mesh Washer is used to lock the Extrusion channel to the Mesh panel
Extrusion to Extrusion Connection: Extrusion channels are bolted to each other at the intersection point
Guard Cut Out Parts: Extrusion can be supplied in length and cut on-site to suit specific job

Option A
Standard Aluminium Channel: Aluminium Channel can be supplied in four standard lengths to suit most guard width and height.

Option B
Custom Bend Channel: Custom Bend Channel can be made with holes at set locations.
  • Inovaus | Mining | Guard Cut-out-01
  • Inovaus | Mining | Guard Cut-out-02
  • Inovaus | Mining | Guard Cut-out-03
  • Inovaus | Mining | Guard Cut-out-04
  • Inovaus | Mining | Guard Cut-out-05

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