The SafeGait Farrier Tool Cart has been designed based on the distinct requirements farriers experience, making it the ideal solution.

Our farrier tool cart has multiple compartments to cater for a wide range of farrier tools, nails and other accessories. The rear of the SafeGait Farrier Tool Cart features a larger compartment pocket with a sturdy handle on top for larger tools.

The Farrier Tool Cart is designed and constructed for a heavy-duty application and is made out of a 3mm thick aluminium plate which is lightweight and durable. The farrier tool cart also sits on small lockable castor wheels for easy manoeuvring, while also being powder coated for durable surface treatment.

Colours available: black, blue, red.

Dimensions: 490mm high with a base of 276 x 276mm.

  • Inovaus | Equine | Farrier Tool Cart-01
  • Inovaus | Equine | Farrier Tool Cart-02
  • Inovaus | Equine | Farrier Tool Cart-03
  • Inovaus | Equine | Farrier Tool Cart-04

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