The SafeGait Cerberus Forge is a large heavy-duty solid fuel forge, designed as a traditional style shop forge.

Our forge is the perfect solution for a permanent setup. Offering a large hearth pan, the SafeGait Cerberus Forge gives you more room and stability for larger pieces and fire setups.

The SafeGait Cerberus Forge features a thick steel hearth pan measuring 800 x 1000mm and 300mm deep. For optimal efficiency, the hearth pan base should be lined with fire brick.

Equipped with a custom stainless steel water cooled Tuyere, the design allows for extended periods of use. By incorporating the optional bolt-on stainless steel water tank, you can transform the unit into a standalone water-cooled Tuyere coke forge.

Additionally, the Tuyere’s can be plumbed parallel into a remote water tank for a simpler solution. This setup is recommended for running more than one forge connected to a water tank.

  • Inovaus | Equine | Safegait Cerberus Forge-01
  • Inovaus | Equine | Safegait Cerberus Forge-02
  • Inovaus | Equine | Safegait Cerberus Forge-03
  • Inovaus | Equine | Safegait Cerberus Forge-04
  • Inovaus | Equine | Safegait Cerberus Forge-05

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