The Equine Solarium is designed to provide muscle therapy for a horse before and after exercise. The solarium encourages blood flow, prevents muscle injury and muscle relaxation with the use of infrared lighting. The design offers features which improve the installation and user experience.

 – Five heating lamps per panel
 – 150W-250W lamp power
 – Adaptive cooling fan in each panel
 – Dimmable lamps
 – Individual row switch
 – Independent adjustable panel: Each lamp panel can be swivelled independently to adjust the panels at the desired angle.
 – Ceiling frame: Structurally strong to support all four lamp panels, designed with integrated lugs for easy installation.
  • Inovaus | Equine | Equine Solarium-01
  • Inovaus | Equine | Equine Solarium-02
  • Inovaus | Equine | Equine Solarium-06
  • Inovaus | Equine | Equine Solarium-07
  • Inovaus | Equine | Equine Solarium-02
  • Inovaus | Equine | Equine Solarium-05
  • Inovaus | Equine | Equine Solarium-04

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