The Dental Head Stand was designed to support a wide range of horses. When the horse is ready to be examined, the user can operate the stand one-handed due to the integrated design of the gas lift nestled inside the telescopic tubes.

Made from Grade 250 Steel with an overall plate thickness is 3mm thick and a 5mm base plate. The folded base design allows for use on uneven or soft terrains.

– Head Tilt: Cam clamping lever; one-handed operation for the head plate to be angled for optimal use.
– Spring Loaded: T shaped index plunger used to secure height on telescopic poles, working height 1000-1500mm.
– Locking Pin: Ball Lock Pins used to connect the base and middle part of the pole, easy to disassemble.
– Optional: Padding optional for comfort and hygiene.
– Gas Strut: For ergonomic, easy one-handed use.
– Fixed Bolt: Fixed M8 bolt to secure gas strut to outer pole.
– Finished product: Equine Dental headstand equipped with padding, overall weight 17kg.
– Flat Packed: Base & Main body comes apart for easy transport and weight distribution.
– Head Plate Rotation: Cam lock allows the head to adjust from 90-270 degrees.
– Minimum Height: 1000mm height used for smaller species of horses.
– Middle Height: 1000-1300mm height used for regular sizes horses.
– Maximum Height: 1300-1550mm height used for larger breeds.
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