The Dry Horse Treadmill is the ideal training tool to increase your horse’s overall health and fitness while helping to help build muscle definition, core strength and moveability.

Suitable for horses of all levels of training and competition ranking. The Dry Horse Treadmill has been engineered with a heavy-duty galvanised steel frame for premium structure and support while being equipped with transparent viewing windows for the horse and owner’s comfort.

The treadmill offers variable speeds and inclines, manipulated through the machine control panel. Enjoy tailored training programs to get the most from your horse and the treadmill.


  • Variable speeds
  • Variable slopes (up to 10°)
  • Front and rear safety doors
  • Control panel
  • Walk only or walk and trot capability
  • On and off ramps
  • Inovaus | Equine | Dry Horse Treadmill-01
  • Inovaus | Equine | Dry Horse Treadmill-02
  • Inovaus | Equine | Dry Horse Treadmill-03
  • Inovaus | Equine | Dry Horse Treadmill-04

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