The Load Tester is a 2CAT IV 600V Single Phase Load Tester, used as an electrical load tester on kWh power meters when testing to ensure the correct operation and functionality of meters.

The Load Tester incorporates fused probes with silicon leads and is housed in a compact body. It is protected by an automatic thermal cut-out switch.

Load Tester Specifications:

Voltage: 240 – 250V max. 1Ø
Load: 1100W – 4.5amp.
Internal Fusing: 7amp.
Safety Rating: Cat IV 600V – Cat III 1000V.
Compliant to: AS: 61010.1: 2003.
Weight: 420gm.
Leads: Silicon with internal white wear indicator layer.
Test Probes: Cat III 1000V.
Motor: 1100W with thermal cut-out.
Grills: Black Nylon 15% Glass Filled.
Cable Grommet: TPE 90A Shore.
Body: PC-ABS Fire Retardant – spark nish.
Hook: Polished 316 S/S that allows hands free operation.
Product Code: LT240A15.

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